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For consumers, the RateDiary mission is to get every customer involved in rating and reviewing businesses constructively. The business rewards the consumer per review, and RateDiary rewards them for every business they refer that chooses to join.

For businesses, the RateDiary mission is to give the businesses a voice when it comes to their online reviews. Until now, there haven't been any incentives for customers to go out of their way to review their positive experiences. Many customers use reviews like hand grenades: one bad experience, and they blow up a business’ reputation without remorse. We want customers to review every business with constructive criticism, and the intention of returning to that business to give them a second chance.

Company Overview

For consumers, RateDiary is the newest online review directory that rewards you for every review you leave, and never filters your opinion.

For businesses, RateDiary is the newest online review directory that captures your paying customers' experiences.


For consumers, the days of leaving anonymous reviews for nothing but a silly status are over. Membership is free for consumers with RateDiary, and every review you leave earns you RateDollars, which translate to a major promotional credit card gift card. So join today to earn RateDollars and compete in the monthly giveaways.

For businesses, RateDiary has leveled the playing field when it comes to reviews. You don't have to sit around, waiting for an anonymous review that could destroy your reputation. Now you can reach out to your customers for their honest reviews. You'll never receive an anonymous review, only the experiences of your paying customers. From these reviews, you'll be able to see where you need to improve, or what aspect of your service your customers enjoy best. It is the newest and most ethical concept in online reputation management.

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