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Frequently Asked Qustions


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General Information

How old do I have to be to become a Ratediary member?

You have to be 18 years of age or older to be on this site. Please read the terms of service for more details.

RateDiary Control Center

What is the RateDiary Control Center?

The RateDiary Control Center lets you see all the info in your RateDiary account. It gives you a snapshot of your lifetime statistics as a RateDiary member. You can view pending RateDollar vouchers, business referral vouchers, RateDollar balance, messages, promotional reward cards remaining for redemption, and the last 30 days of voucher redemption.

Consumer RateDollar Vouchers

How long are the RateDollar vouchers good for?

The expiration date is printed on each RateDollar voucher. Usually you have about 7 days to redeem each voucher. However, each voucher is only good for 10 days from the day it was created. So if the voucher you received has less than 7 days before it expires, that is not unusual. That just means that the business waited longer to hand out these particular vouchers.

What if I don't leave a review before the RateDollar voucher expires, or what if I lose my RateDollar voucher?

The RateDiary business member only gets to print out one RateDollar voucher per customer because each one has a unique voucher number. If the voucher is lost or stolen, please report this to the business, and they may decide to replace it with a new voucher. Don't forget, the businesses are not obligated to replace lost or stolen vouchers. Hang onto your receipt to verify that you are, in fact, a paying customer.

My RateDollar voucher expired, can I still use it?

After the RateDollar voucher expires, it is worthless. Make sure you pay attention to the expiration date and leave a review before it expires.

I went to a place of business and there were no vouchers left to be handed out, why not?

The business is in control of how many vouchers they hand out as well as the RateDollar amount on each voucher. You may want to call or message them ahead of time to see when they will be handing out RateDollar vouchers. Some businesses may do it every day and others may do it every once in a while. It's completely up to the business when the RateDollar vouchers will be available.

Business Referral Vouchers

If I hand out a business referral voucher do I automatically receive the 20 RateDollars?

No, the business has to sign up using the unique voucher number that was created when you generated the voucher.

How many business referral vouchers can I print out?

The amount of vouchers that you can generate is unlimited! Please make sure that all the info you enter is accurate. Any discrepancies may lead to a delay in RateDollars being credited to your account.

Can another RateDiary member generate a business referral voucher for the same businesses that I've already printed one for?

Yes, there are no rules against that. It's a first come first served system. Remember, the higher you rank in your RateDiary profile status, the more you can offer the businesses.


Why would I want RateDollars?

The question should be, why wouldn't you want RateDollars? When you redeem RateDollars you get that amount mailed to you in the form of a promotional reward Visa/Mastercard/American Express card. From there, you can use that card on any purchase anywhere major credit cards are accepted.

RateDollar Redemption

Why do I have to confirm my address every time I redeem my RateDollars?

It's super important that your information is current and up to date. This step gives you the chance to update your information before you submit your redemption. The address listed in this process is where the RateDollar promotional reward Visa/Mastercard/American Express card gets mailed to. If the information is wrong or outdated, this will delay the arrival of your RateDollar card.

How long does it usually take to receive my RateDollar Promotional card?

The process may take up to 4-6 weeks.

Should I let my RateDollar balance accumulate?

It's a good idea. You're allowed 8 redemptions per calendar year. Carefully time your redemptions so you don't run out.

Can I just get a check or some other form of payment?

If you request to redeem more than $25 in RateDollars, then no. Redemptions are only redeemable in the form of a promotional reward Visa/Mastercard/American Express card. However, if you request to redeem between $5 and $25 in RateDollars, the amount will be mailed to you in the form of a check.

How do you ship the redemption cards?

All redemption cards are mailed out via USPS and you should expect to receive it within 2-4 weeks from the date of your request.

How do you ship checks?

Checks are mailed out via USPS (United States Postal Service), and may take 2-4 weeks to arrive.

Redemption of RateDiary Card

Can I reload money onto the promotional reward Visa/Mastercard/American Express card that I received?

No, the card is not reloadable. Once the funds are spent, you can throw away the card. Or collect them and build some creative craft out of them.

Can I use the promotional reward Visa/Mastercard/American Express card at an ATM or get a cash advance?

There is no cash or ATM access with these cards. Please see the card holder agreement from the issuing bank for more details.

Why is there a 25 RateDollar minimum before I can redeem my RateDollars?

The issuing bank charges each time a card is redeemed. In order to meet the requirements for redemption without incurring additional fees, you must redeem a minimum of 25 RateDollars. If you decide you just can't wait and you redeem an amount between 5 and 25 RateDollars, then the amount will be mailed to you in the form of a check. You cannot redeem an amount less than 5 RateDollars no matter how much chocolate syrup you bribe us with.

Why is RateDiary telling me I can't redeem my RateDiary card?

Well, RateDiary is set up so that you can redeem 2 RateDiary cards every quarter (three month period). If you redeem 2 RateDiary cards before the quarter is over, you will have to wait for the next quarter to begin before you can claim another RateDiary card. You get 8 cards total in a year, and they don't roll over so use them wisely.

Leave a Review

Can I leave a review if I am not a RateDiary member?

You must create a RateDiary consumer profile and receive a valid voucher before you can review a business.

Can I leave a review with foul language?

We prefer you leave a review that expresses your experience without the foul language. Let's embrace the good and bad experiences and help our fellow businesses improve. See our review content guidelines for more details.

Why do I have to enter the voucher number before I leave my review?

The unique RateDollar voucher number contains all the information on the business as well as the amount on the voucher.

What do I write in my review?

Your review should contain truthful content about the experience you had with that business. Your review can be funny, charming and colorful whether your experience was good or bad. No need to throw any business under the bus. Let the business know what they are doing right, and what they could improve on.

Do I have to leave a rating on the Rate-O-meter when I leave a review?

Yes, the rating is as important as the review. Your rating will give the business you are reviewing a visual picture of how they are performing.

Does the business know what kind of rating and review I left them before they confirm the RateDollar voucher?

Absolutely not. It's not until the voucher has been confirmed by the business that the rating and review is made public. The business confirmation is only a safety feature we built in to prevent lost or stolen vouchers.

What does the "Recommend" box do if I check it off?

If you check the "Recommend" box, it will let everybody who reads your reviews know that you are recommending that they use this business. Your recommendations will be accounted for and listed in your RateDiary profile.

How often can I leave a review on a business?

As long as the business gives you a RateDiary voucher, you can leave a review. The most current review you leave on this business will replace your last review. The older review will be archived but not deleted. Archived reviews can be viewed by expanding the "Past Reviews" button.

What happens if I leave a review that does not comply with the RateDiary content policy?

If a review does not stick to RateDiary content policies, it will be removed. Any RateDollars rewarded will be deducted from your RateDollar balance and refunded back to the business. It's very important to leave reviews that will be useful for all RateDiary members.

Can I leave a review if I did not purchase anything?

Generally speaking no. However, a RateDiary business member may decide to offer you a voucher for a consultation, estimate, or other circumstances. The RateDollar vouchers are controlled by the business and they can decide when it is appropriate to hand them out.


Why the Rate-O-Meter and not the 5 star system?

The five star system is vague and outdated. The Rate-O-Meter is easier to use and contains a more accurate rating of the businesses you are reviewing.

Vacation Diary

What is the Vacation Diary ?

Every time you search a business on RateDiary, you have the option to save that business to your personal Vacation Diary. You can access these saved businesses through you profile on a home computer or the RateDiary mobile app.

What's different about the Vacation Diary, as opposed to my regular Diary?

This keeps your favorite local business that near your home separate from the businesses you might try while on vacation. Hooray for organization!

Mobile App

Do you have a RateDiary App?

Yes we do, thank you for asking!

Private message to a business

Why is it important to leave a private message to the business I am reviewing?

This option lets you tell the business you visited sensitive information, like your name and when you visited, or how much you paid. This information is never viewed by the public.

Member Status

How do I move up the ranks and gain a higher RateDiary member status?

The more reviews you leave, and the more businesses you get signed up for RateDiary, the faster you move to the next level of ranking.

Why would I want to move up in my RateDiary member status?

Besides the bragging rights, the higher your profile ranking, the more you can offer businesses when referring them. This will give them incentive to use your business referral voucher when they sign up. By the way, there will be give-aways to top performers. Oh dear, did we just say that out loud?

How many reviews and businesses referrals do I need to leave to move up to the next level?

See the member status chart at the bottom of the page.

If I have more than enough reviews, but not enough business referrals will I move up to the next status?

Sorry, but no. You have to have enough reviews AND enough business referrals to move to the next level .

When I move up in member status, does it automatically updates the membership offer when I generate the business referral vouchers?

Yes, once you move up in member status the business referral vouchers will automatically reflect the new discounted membership rates.

If I print and hand out a business referral and the business does not sign up, does that count towards my member status?

No, the business must sign up in order for it to count towards your member status.

What do I need to do to move up in the member status?

Rookie - Everyone starts out at the rookie status. At the Rookie status are able to offer 1 month free membership to businesses you are trying to refer. After 5 reviews and 1 business referral you will move up to Adventurer status.

Adventurer - You are able to offer 2 months free membership to the businesses you are trying to refer. After 10 reviews and 3 business referrals you will move up to Go-Getter status.

Go-Getter - You are able to offer 3 months free membership to businesses you are trying to refer. After 35 reviews and 10 business referrals you will move up to Contender status.

Contender - You are able to offer 4 month free membership and a 5% one time discount on Rate Dollars to businesses you are trying to refer. After 100 reviews and 30 business referrals you move up to Champion status.

Champion - Champion is the highest status you can achieve. You will be able to offer 5 months free membership and 10% one time discount on Rate Dollars to all the businesses you are referring.

General Questions

How does RateDiary improve my business, or why would I want my business to join?

RateDiary is a platform for your customers to rate and review your business. This way you can target all your consumers to leave a review on your business. The feedback you get from your actual customers will help guide you to improve the weak parts of your business and build on the strengths.

What's the online platform that businesses would use?

RateDiary is the platform that enables businesses to reward their customers with RateDollars for the online rating and review. Businesses are part of the RateDiary online directory that enables consumers to search for them in our database. Often times consumers will decide what businesses to use based on reviews and ratings.

Why should I post a profile picture or logo?

The best way for consumers to identify your business is through logos and pictures.

If I am a RateDiary Business member, can I have a RateDiary consumer profile?

Sure, we want you to have the same experience as your customers. You can add your consumer profile in the edit you your business profile area.

Voucher Control Center

What can I do with the voucher control center?

The voucher control center lets you see everything that is going on with your RateDiary account. You can view pending, created, and redeemed RateDollar vouchers, as well as confirm them. You can view your RateDollar balance, messages, and link to your offer page from here.

Generate RateDollar Vouchers

How many RateDollar vouchers am I allowed to print out at a time?

You may print out as many vouchers that you wish as long as you have enough RateDollars in your account.

Can I print out duplicate RateDollar vouchers?

No, each voucher has a unique number that is only used once. Please make sure your printer has paper and ink. It's also a good idea to test your printer before trying to generate RateDollar vouchers.

What happens when I deny a RateDollar voucher because it was lost or stolen?

A RateDiary team member will investigate the denial claim and take the appropriate action. This process can take up to 30 days so please be careful with your vouchers.

How long are RateDollar Vouchers good for?

RateDollar vouchers are good for 10 days from the day you create them. So only print out an amount that you plan on handing out within the next three days. The RateDollar voucher expiration date is set up so you have three days to hand them out, and the customer has 7 days to redeem them. You want to give your customer an adequate amount of time to leave a review.

What is that empty box next to every voucher number on the created voucher page?

That box allows you to enter the customer's name next to each voucher number. This way when the RateDollar voucher is redeemed, if the names match up you know immediately to confirm it.

Confirm Vouchers

What's the purpose of confirming vouchers?

The purpose of this function is a safety feature in case the amount you entered is incorrect, or if the vouchers are lost or stolen.

When am I allowed to deny a voucher?

The only time a RateDollar voucher is allowed to be denied is if it lost or stolen. Once reported lost or stolen, a RateDollar voucher will be frozen and a RateDiary team member will assigned to the claim. This process could take up to 30 days if the voucher is currently being redeemed by a RateDiary consumer. If the RateDollar voucher is not currently being redeemed, the process should take less than 10 days.

What happens if I don't confirm the RateDollar vouchers?

All RateDollar vouchers automatically get confirmed after 7 days from the day the consumer redeemed it. The date on the far left indicates the amount of time left for you to confirm each voucher before the automatic confirmation.


How does the higher priced memberships benefit my business?

Your business will receive discounted RateDollars and more website business tools to help promote and manage your business.

What if I decide to cancel my membership and I received a promotional rate or discount because I paid for membership fees in advance?

Each business membership cancellation will be reviewed before a refund is issued. If you paid membership fees in advance to get a lower monthly rate or received a promotional rate, the fees will be prorated based on how long you were a member of RateDiary.


Why would I want RateDollars?

The question should be, why wouldn't you want RateDollars? RateDollars are incentives for your customers to review your business, providing you with priceless feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your business. RateDollars will also allow you to send out Offers to your valued customers.

If I have pending RateDollars can I use them to generate new RateDollar vouchers?

No, you must wait for the pending RateDollars vouchers to expire or be redeemed.

Why does Ratediary charge for RateDollars?

The RateDollars charges are used for rewards, Promotional card fulfillment, processing and postage.

Business Referral Voucher

What if I am trying to join with a voucher I received from a customer but the information is not accurate?

Not to worry, continue with the joining process and you will be able to edit the details of your business from your profile page.


Can I leave reviews on my own business?

You are not allowed to leave reviews on your own business. Instead focus on your real customers as they are the ones that will truly help improve your business.


Why can't I see my reports?

Only Platinum RateDiary members can view reports. If you would like to upgrade your account, click here.

How do the printable reports help my business?

Printable reporting helps you identify the demographics of your customers and you can break down each report to a specific date of type of review. You can determine if certain weeks are better than others and possibly determine you have a staffing issue or other factors. You may be marketing towards men when the majority of your customers are women.

How is the information broken down?

The information is broken down by date, rating, gender, age, and member status. You can determine how your business has improved or declined by pulling reports on ratings for the last 30 days, or since you became a RateDiary member. Learn what age or gender makes up the majority of your business. Confirm whether negative reviews are left by consumers that have a history of leaving bad reviews. This is the best way to learn about your business.

Manage Consumers

Why do I need to manage my consumers?

This function allows you to choose your customers based on a custom search criteria, then send them a selected offer.

How do I manage my consumers?

This is the area that helps you communicate with the customers that have left you a review. You can email them offers and updates about your business. This function also allows you to filter your customers by date or rating. This way, you can email specific customers with special offers (i.e. send an offer of a free appetizer to the customers that has left you an average rating, or a voucher with a higher RateDollar amount.) This will entice them to return for a better experience.

Create an offer

Why can't I create an offer?

Only Platinum RateDiary members can create offers. If you would like to upgrade your account, click here.

How many offers can I create?

As long as you are a Platinum RateDiary member you can create up to 3 custom offers at a time.

Once I create an offer, can I edit it?

Yes you may edit the offer at anytime, however this will not edit offers that you may have already emailed out.

Should I put a disclaimer or rules in with the offer?

Setting the rules of the offer are very important, make sure you preview the offers before you send them out.

Preview an offer

How does previewing an offer help me?

This is your opportunity to view the offer you are about to send out. Make sure all the discounts and disclaimers are accurate before you hit "Send this offer."

Send an offer

Does sending offers to my customers cost me money?

Each offer costs 1 RateDollar and will be deducted from your RateDollar balance.

What if the customer does not redeem the offer, or it expires?

If the offer is never redeemed and it expires, the RateDollars will be credited back to your RateDollar balance. If the offer is redeemed, then the 1 RateDollar charge will apply for each offer.

I went to send out an offer and it wouldn't let me. It said my RateDollar balance was insufficient and to add RateDollars.

You need to make sure you have enough RateDollars in your account before sending offer out. If you plan on sending 10 offers you will need at least 10 RateDollars in your available balance.

What if I want to only send an offer to only one customer?

You are able to send offers to one or all your customers, it's entirely up to you.

General Information

What is RateDiary?

RateDiary is the future of online directories. Search businesses with a reputation that's built from authentic reviews and ratings from their paying customers. View other members' Diaries to see what businesses they have used and who they recommend.

Why should I join if I can use RateDiary to search for businesses already?

The answer is very simple, RateDiary not only allows you to search businesses, but it rewards you in RateDollars for using and reviewing these businesses.

What are RateDollars and how do they work?

RateDollars are the rewards you receive when you rate and review a business. Accumulate RateDollars in your RateDiary account and redeem them in the form of a RateDollar promotional rewards card that you can use wherever major credit cards are accepted.


Can I search a business if I'm not a member?

Yes you may use RateDiary to search for companies and view their ratings and reviews.


Do companies pay for good reviews?

No, businesses reward their customers for taking the time to leave honest reviews. Businesses are never in control of what kind of review or rating is posted.

Can I leave a review for RateDiary?

Absolutely you may, we encourage you to let us know how we can improve!

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