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The newest online review business directory that pays!!!
  • No membership fees for consumers ever
  • Get rewarded for reviewing the stores you shop at anyways
  • Get your favorite business to sign up and earn 20 RateDollars

So you want to give it a shot and earn RateDollars!

What's next? Well it's pretty easy. To get started, create your RateDiary consumer profile. The next part is where it gets pretty exciting. So, let's say you decide you want to eat lunch at your favorite restaurant or shop at a local store. Search for that restaurant or business on RateDiary to see if they are in our directory. If the restaurant or business is a RateDiary member, then they should have details on the RateDollar vouchers that they will be handing out.

If that restaurant or business is not a member, then simply log the businesses information into the (Refer a Business) form and print out a business referral voucher. When you visit that business, hand the RateDiary business referral voucher to the manager or owner. If that business decides to join RateDiary and uses the voucher you gave them, you just earned 20 RateDollars. You can do this for any type of business, from car dealers, hair salons, dog groomers, and restaurants. Any business that is a RateDiary member gives you the opportunity to earn RateDollars each time you receive a voucher from them. Once you have a RateDollar voucher, log into your RateDiary account and enter the voucher number. Leave a review and rating, then BAM. You just earned those RateDollars.

  • It's free to join, so why not start earning RateDollars today?
  • Businesses reward you for your honest online review, and that’s how it should be!
  • No more coupon clipping to save you money. Now you earn money!
  • The days of leaving online reviews for free are over.
  • RateDollars are redeemed in the form of a promotional credit card.
  • Get your favorite business signed up so you can earn RateDollars from them.
  • Unlimited Ratedollars! The more you review, rate and refer the more you earn.
  • Access to thousands of reputable businesses for free.
  • Weekly prizes and giveaways to RateDiary members.
  • Every year, one RateDiary member will be crowned the Champion of their home state.
  • Mobile check in offers and discounts from your participating RateDiary business members.

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