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Generate More Business with RateDiary!
  • Target all your customers, not just the dissatisfied ones!
  • Customizable offers and discounts!
  • Network with other RateDiary Customers!

Generate more business with RateDiary!

You wouldn’t believe the amount of customers that slam a business with a bad review just for a bad sandwich or a less-than-timely greeting. An old couplet says “Once I did bad, and that I heard ever. Twice I did good, but that I heard never.” Well, with RateDiary, we’ve figured out how to get people to let you know when you’re doing great, or even better than that! We provide you with RateDollar vouchers to give to your customers, encouraging them to leave an honest review of the establishment. That translates directly into real money once they leave a review and accrue $25. There’s no points system, no “only redeemable on our website” rewards. All RateDollars translate to real dollars once the minimum is reached. Who wouldn’t leave a review for a few dollars? It’s an efficient rewards system.

Speaking of RateDollars, YOU set the amount and control the amount of vouchers printed. Therefore, you are in complete control of the costs and the amount of reviews you get. And only customers with vouchers—which must be verified by you—can leave reviews. Kiss spam goodbye!

Did we mention the printable reports? You get to see your company’s performance and measure the success of your campaign. If you’re happy with it, you can print it out and frame it on your office wall. If you’re not happy with it, you can find out why customers are unhappy with you, and make adjustments accordingly. Any kind of review is a goldmine of information for discovering your business’ strengths and weaknesses!

You also get to directly market to the customers that have left you reviews, sending them special offers and coupons through their email.

Customers can contact you by leaving you private messages if they so choose.

Networking is encouraged, get business by contacting other RateDiary consumers, not just your own customer base. And hey, bonus RateDollars for you if you refer a fellow business!

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